About MREX College


About Us

MREX’s mission is to democratize multifamily real estate investing through revolutionary technology and knowledge. Offering multiple courses and advanced programs, we quickly became the leading experts in multifamily financial engineering and capital markets. Our students soon realized that investing in multifamily properties meant running a profitable business and making sophisticated decisions such a stock market investor makes.

Our Values


We manage by providing context, autonomy and responsibility to empower people and teams so that they own problems and come up with solutions.

Continuous growth

We work so that there is no distinction between building, working, and learning. We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement and welcome everyone’s input on any subject. We feel there is always room for improvement.


We share context on why decisions are made. We communicate directly, honestly, and constructively. We quickly bring problems to the surface, ask for help, and talk about what we need to do to be successful. We create room for honesty without judgement.


Nothing gets done by itself. When people say it’s impossible, we hack the system and get it done. If there is a will, there is a way.


We need to understand the why. We do things because they make sense, not because “that’s how it’s done.”. Impactful ideas happen by challenging conventional wisdom and rethinking solutions.


We focus on outcomes, not just effort. We get great things done by bringing together creative and technically astute people in an environment that has been tailor-made for them to be able to deliver the best of themselves.


We don’t delay failure and protect others from it, or hide it. We address it by helping people respond to and reflect on failures. When we understand the root causes, we can take action and grow together. For us, failure is the step before growth and success.

Our Team

Nikolaï Ray CEO – MREX
Claude Hamel COO – MREX
Joel Lavoie CTO – MREX
Philippe Foisy Actuaire, investisseur immobilier et enseignant MREX

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