Real estate intensive programs

Opt for the best real estate investment programs!

MREX College’s intensive programs are designed to help you become a real ace at real estate investing. Lasting from 6 to 12 months, these programs are designed for those who want to perfect their real estate investment skills and gain financial independence. These programs are among the elite real estate training programs offered by MREX College.

What’s more, our intensive programs are taught by our team of real estate experts, for whom investing holds no secrets. These advanced real estate programs are among the best in Canada. 

Interested in joining our signature intensive program? Start our La Meute Multilogement program today! Want to learn how to grow your real estate business fast? Then our Le C.A. program is for you!

Don’t hesitate, and start the real estate investment course that’s right for you and that will help you reach your goals! Contact our team today to find out more about our real estate investment programs!

Why choose MREX College’s real estate programs?

MREX College’s real estate programs are among the best in Canada, taught by recognized and experienced professionals. Here’s why you should choose our intensive programs:

  • An exceptional team of experts: Our strength lies first and foremost in our team of real estate experts. Our experienced instructors will guide you through your intensive program. We also make it a point to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the industry, so that we can provide you with ongoing education on real estate investment in Quebec and Canada.

  • Financial support for your real estate programs: To make it easier for you to take our real estate programs, MREX College offers real estate scholarships, a substantial contribution to the financing of your programs.

  • Tailor-made programs: Our team’s insight and expertise enable us to offer you the training plan best suited to your profile and requirements.

Frequently asked questions about our real estate programs 

Who are the intensive programs for?

After consolidating the financial foundations in real estate multifamily in the Multifamily Financial Engineering program, the intensive programs help develop entrepreneurial skills. To achieve this, student commitment is essential. So it doesn’t matter whether you have 600 doors or none at all. The program is aimed above all at real estate entrepreneurs who are ready to commit themselves to success.

What’s involved? First of all, you’ll need to set clear goals, break them down into a structured timeline, identify your bottlenecks and share them with the experts who will be on hand to support you, as well as the other participants.

Then, we expect consistency between strategic planning and concrete application in the field. We also expect participants to have the open-mindedness to challenge themselves as a result of the real estate investment programs they have had the good fortune to attend.

To be a candidate for the intensive programs, therefore, you need to be motivated by the desire to take your rental property management to an entrepreneurial scale, where every aspect of your business will need to take on a form that is efficient, professional and, ultimately, consistent with your dreams and ambitions.

How intensive are the programs?

La Meute Multilogement and Le C.A. are intensive real estate investment programs in that they require intensive commitment from participants. Training weekends and online follow-up sessions will structure the work you’ll have to do on your own from week to week. 

During this period, we encourage participants to form study, support and mastermind groups to create a community in which they will be intensively immersed throughout their time at MREX College, and often beyond. So intensity is the order of the day: we give you the tools to buy real estate, and then it’s up to you to build!

Who teaches our real estate investment programs?

In addition to offering the most advanced real estate programs available in Quebec in multi-family real estate, MREX College is also a meeting place of choice. As a student, you’ll have the chance to find yourself in a community of competent, serious and experienced investors who rally around the values of excellence and innovation.

The result is a dynamic of study groups, partnerships and friendships, through which students benefit from peer coaching during their studies, and indefinitely thereafter once integrated into the real estate community.

All under the guidance of a team of experienced real estate investment professionals with a proven track record in the world of real estate investment. Our teams are thus a unique added value to our real estate programs.