May 13, 2021   |   podcast by Nikolai Ray

Real Estate Financial Economics – A Microeconomic View Of The Micro

In this episode, we have the pleasure to receive Brian Pelligrini, CFA, Founder, and Senior Analyst at Intertemporal Economics.
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May 4, 2021   |   podcast by MREX College

How to Find Real Estate Deals

Prospecting is the bloodline of any real estate entrepreneur who wants to build a big multifamily portfolio. You need to have access to properties and deals that will allow you to attain your objectives and you partners objectives.
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April 22, 2021   |   podcast by MREX College

Become a Hyper Local Real Estate Expert

On this episode of Realpreneur Principles I'm going to show you how to capitalize on the hyper locality of real estate to maximize your real estate investment portfolio. You have to make sure you understand the area where you are investing and you have people who can help you in those areas.
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April 15, 2021   |   podcast by MREX College

Hire Slow, Fire Fast Scaling Up Your Organization

As the CEO of your Real Estate Investment Company, you will have to scale your organization. Scaling is about building teams and bringing people together to create a community of success around a common goal and a common vision
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